SDMTV Local Open Mic Review | Wednesday Nights @ Royale Dive Bar in Oceanside

I ended up going to Royale Dive in Oceanside to check out the open mic that they hold there every Wednesday night. I have to say that I was really impressed with what I found at this local musical watering hole. As I walked up to the entrance I was immediately greeted by the friendly faces of perfect strangers welcoming me into doors. The vibe once I got into the bar was just as friendly to the patrons as well as to the musicians preforming. There were a number of really amazing performers that I had the honor of seeing on stage. I feel that many of them should be highlighted and noticed because of their overwhelming talent and beauty that they brought to the night.

Colin McGrane, from the band Freako Suave was the first performer that caught my attention with his folky blues sound, then Sean Baker, also from Freako Suave, and Marco Savoia from Taken By Canadians & Freako Suave, joined him on stage to create a hard hitting folk rock sound on stage. I got a chance to talk with them after the performance and I have to say that I couldn't have expected how much fun these guys were on and off stage.

One of San Diego Music.TVs favorite and recently highlighted artist, Travis Luce was next on stage bringing his soulful lyrics and fun folk sound to the room. As always he brought his 'A' game and was fan-freakin-tastic! After Travis was done, Skyler Lutes, from the band Everything Said, got up to play. I've seen Skyler perform before in the past and I have to say that there is something to be said for this guy. Besides his musical talent and awesome pop rock sound, Skyler is also a really down to earth friendly and giving individual that, in my opinion, has not gotten the recognition that he deserves. If you have a chance to see this guy preform I am certain you will be impressed with how his good-natured, easy going personality is interpreted through his music.

Kelly Barnett, a singer / songwriter working on her acoustic project Shooting Over Starboard, was next up on stage. Her warm passionate voice caught my attention right away and I was drawn to how beautifully she shared her gift with the room. There were so many really amazing performers that played last night, including Amanda Ferguson (who is also the usual host for this event) & Blake Tyler, from the band Nicotines. Justin, from the band Chaos by Design was also there with Charles filling in as host for the night. Everyone that I had a chance to speak with was more than friendly and I truly felt that they all had the sole intention just to share awesome music in a happy, comfortable setting.

I couldn't be more impressed with this venue's open mic and I can definitely see myself going back to this spot in the future so I can be witness to the other talent that graces this stage. I wanted to thank Travis Luce specifically for bringing this location to my attention, as a MUST SEE open mic event - I was not disappointed!!!